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How to overcome the longing for distant lover
Feb 24, 2015

With long distance relationships is not easy to live. Especially when longing came over, surely you can just bury these feelings, and can only hope that soon meet to spill all have a deep sense of longing.
However, to have a long distance relationship with never pessimistic to... selanjutnya

How to become wives Sholihah
Feb 23, 2015

Every woman, would very much like to be a woman who Sholihah, so that both parents can be happy and always able to maintain the dignity and good name of his family. Every woman who has grown and it was time to get married also wanted to be... selanjutnya

Characteristic cool man who likes women
Feb 06, 2015

It is painful if we love the man but the reaction was only silence and are cold and indifferent towards us. But with a cool attitude most of these men have loved you, probably because he was so shy to express affection definitely taste really great prestige. And to know... selanjutnya

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