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Matching Algorithms of Online Dating Sites
Jan 07, 2014

HOW scientific are the “matching algorithms” of online-dating Web sites?

For a fee, many dating sites will collect data about you, crunch the numbers and match you with someone who, as eHarmony puts it, has been “prescreened for deep compatibility with you... selanjutnya

Looking for a life partner
Sep 28, 2013

Looking for a life partner can be an exciting adventure for those who enjoy the bachelor . But also can be a long search for someone who did not manage to find a life partner . No man was created perfect . All... selanjutnya

Love In Islam
Sep 01, 2013

Love in islam is the most beautiful gift that God has given to His people always sometimes never escape from wrong and sin . Love is very difficult to guess but easy for sangatl presence felt. So do not be surprised if many... selanjutnya

Tips on Being Happy Couple
Jun 12, 2013

The following tips or ways Be Happy Couple :
- Basing All Things to worship.
As a husband and wife would live in the household there is definitely life tide. Many say that the household life are like a ship that will mengaruhi... selanjutnya

Cinta, Jodoh dan Kesehatan
Jun 10, 2013

CINTA pada pasangan jodoh itu identik dengan jiwa tapi tau gak sih kalo jiwa juga berdampak ke raga ? Sedikit mengulik tentang asmara saya dengan pasangan , kami menjalin hubungan kurang lebih hampir 21 bulan , tergolong masih baru memang . Tapi siklus... selanjutnya

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