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Type a wife in the husband dearer
Jun 13, 2015

pretty face and has a sexy body does not become a race of man, that woman as a type. many factors that make the men chose the woman to be made a companion, one of which is the nature and attitude everyday with people around him, which can... selanjutnya

Simple things that can make a husband happy
Jun 10, 2015

many women who wants a husband, wanted to get a lot of reward and also want to be able to get the blessing of God and get the most precious treasure that is his heaven of God.
wife also very much hope to be a happy husband, and could obtain... selanjutnya

The nature of a wife who can make fixed relationsh
Jun 09, 2015

not every wife that beautiful face can create relationships in the household be lasting. or perhaps a clever wife, also does not guarantee can make the connection in the household be lasting, because it can make the husband be down and lack of confidence.
and so is the... selanjutnya

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